39 Days and Counting!

2016 has many historic milestones to celebrate when it comes to WWII.  Here in Yakutat,  Alaska,  the first of many Army Air Bases became operational leading up to our involvement in WWII and Imperial Japan’s invasion of Alaska.

This coming August,  we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the grand opening of our Yakutat Army Air Base.  We will be having a fly-in and airshow Friday August 5th with activities starting around noon,  hangar banquet dinner scheduled for 6pm and a couple more events Saturday morning,  leading into Yakutat’s annual Fairweather Day celebration Aug 6th.

Just over a month to go and we’re still adding to our sponsor list,  dignitary list,  getting the hangar cleaned out and the full schedule of events.  If you would like to help,  or lend your expertise in any way,  please don’t hesitate to make contact with us.  You can call,  or e-mail with suggestions,  criticisms,  or whatever…

(907)784-3087 (my fly shop number)

Bob Miller

All 6 of these photos come from the Levi Ballard Collection:


PBY Catalina with Yakutat Hangar in the background


Olivia DeHavilland steps off a C-47 on the Yakutat Ramp


Pin-ups plastered inside a “Yakutat Hut” (one of two building designs named after the first base where they appeared)


Some unknown formal ceremony inside the hangar – don’t expect it to look this clean in August!


Willy’s Jeep parked along the side of the hangar


Lockheed Hudsons from the 406th Bombardment Squadron stationed in Yakutat


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