One Week and Counting…

As of tomorrow,  it’ll be one week till our 75th Anniversary fly-in and airshow.  This weekend is the big Arctic Thunder show in Anchorage.  If you are coming off of that big event,  ours will be a bit of a let-down…

The Alaska Warbird Museum is still a LONG way away from being a real museum,  but we couldn’t let this anniversary pass without marking it in some way.  As excited as I have been about this,  my goals are pretty modest now.  I’ll have the hangar bay swept and I’m still hoping to have flushing toilets by the 5th.  That’s about all I can hope for right now.

I’m exhausted from all the efforts to organize this thing,  get all the food ordered,  finding out we forgot a few things and praying Amazon can deliver before Friday…  and still do construction,  run the fly shop and fuel planes.

We had a bit of a trial run last Tuesday,  when the Silver Seas small cruise line stopped in Yakutat for a couple hours.  The Hangar was one of the stops for their tour and I had 60 people in the first group,  40 in the second.  They had 25 minutes here,  so I rattled through my speech about N91314 and her history,  Alaska’s role in WWII and then lead them toward one of the unfinished rooms (but clean and dry),  where we set up some of our artifact collection.

I was pinned down in the hangar bay through the entire visit answering really good questions and hearing about the war from the British perspective.  Nearly everyone aboard was from England and most didn’t realize Alaska was threatened,  or even involved in the war.  Someone really needs to build a museum that talks about this!

With the smaller second group,  I was able to finally slip into the artifacts room and share a little about our collection.  Specifically the Disney animation and insignia collection…  The Alaska Defense Command patch was a Disney design,  as well as the 406th Bombardment Squadron that was stationed in Yakutat throughout the war.

The city dropped off two port-o-potties today,  so we at least have those.  We have joked about making this a real WWII experience and just dig straddle trenches behind the hangar,  but my wife nixed that idea.  I’m still excited about the event,  but also a little terrified.  Come early and help set-up!

75th Poster


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