3 Days to Go!

We officially hit our 75th anniversary in three more days!  This has been a day of good news too.  Delta Western called,  to let me know they will be lowering the price of AVGAS by 75 cents on Friday,  to help reduce the costs for anyone flying in.  That was a very nice gesture on their part and completely unexpected.  Thank you Delta Western.

Other exciting news…  we have flushing toilets and a pressurized water system in the hangar for the first time since 1974.  This has been a long time coming,  but we’ll at least be able to use the restrooms for the event.  Except we still don’t have any sinks,  doors or stall dividers…  But other than that,  the bathrooms are done…

Will the weather cooperate?  Looks like we’re still calling for a maybe.  One forecast says rain.  Another just says overcast with no rain.  I have no control over what the weather will do,  so if it rains,  we’ll have to entertain ourselves inside the hangar without the pilot contests.  We’ll have a great day regardless.

One more update…  I received an e-mail from the reporter who put us on the cover of the Capital City Weekly last year.  Mary Catherine put together another article that comes out in tomorrow’s CCP issue just in time to remind anyone about the fly-in.

Here is the article from last year…


See you Friday!


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