Happy 75th Wedding Anniversary

I’m heading to bed,  but wanted to wish Stanley and Minnie Block their 75th wedding anniversary today…  Both of them have passed away,  but…


Stan worked with the Army Corps building the Yakutat airbase in 1941.  His lovely sweetheart traveled by train from Brooklyn to Seattle,  where she boarded the Alaska Steamship Co.  S.S. Mt McKinley for Yakutat.  They were married here August 3rd,  1941.  Minnie was forced to leave Alaska shortly after Pearl Harbor,  along with their Husky named “Yaki” and any other servicemen’s wives on the Princess Louise.

Stan and Minnie returned to Yakutat about 10 years ago,  staying at Leonard’s Landing for a week.  I would have been out fishing on the Akwe at the time,  so missed my chance to meet them.  I have been getting to know their kids though,  through the magic of the internet.

minnie stanley love story


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