Two Days to Go…

As a reminder,  Delta Western will be reducing the price of AVGAS by 75 cents on Friday,  to help reduce the costs for fly-ins.  I believe that would be $5.90/gallon.

Other airport updates…  Runway 11/29 remains closed.  No ILS on runway 02/20.  Runway 02/20 is not grooved,  therefore standing water can be an issue during heavy rains.  I usually land in the grass anyway…


Aircraft parking should be anywhere on the ramp within the light grey concrete in above picture,  leave a taxiway along the northeast side of the hangar to access the two hangars behind,  then park anywhere in front of the two ramp hangars.  Just leave taxiway access for the Alaska jet.  We’ll have someone out on the ramp directing to the tie downs,  if you need it.  Overflow (if that is even an issue) on the south ramp area.

Pup-tent camping is allowed OUTSIDE the fence.  The grass strip immediately behind the hangar (we have port-o-potties stationed there) is a great place for camping.

As of right now,  the forecast is for a 50% chance of rain on Friday.  Hey!  We got a 50% chance of not raining too!  Let’s be optimistic.



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