Another reminder…  Delta Western will be dropping the price of AVGAS tomorrow by 75 cents…

Weather today looked a bit sketchy this morning,  but around noon the sun came out and we have great weather.  Here are some photos from the centerline of 20 and looking down the unfinished 11/29:

Forecast is calling for just overcast.  No rain.  High ceilings and good visibility.  Unfortunately the forecast for Anchorage is the opposite.  I just got word the WWII aircraft that were planning to come down won’t be due to the poor vis.  Better to be safe,  so it was the right decision.  We’ll definitely miss them,  but we’ll have a good celebration anyway.


This has been an unfortunate week in Yakutat.  There was a house fire and we lost one of our own.  The services are also tomorrow,  which will cast a shadow over our community.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Eric.


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