Looks like this isn’t our weekend…  The weather in Anchorage and Wittier is terrible,  not allowing the WWII aircraft that were coming to take off.  Add to this the memorial services taking place today for Eric Anderstrom and our desire to respect his family and friends,  we have decided to cancel the air show and fly-in portion of today’s events.

We are still having the 6pm steak dinner for the community.  Please feel free to stop out and share in our limited 75th anniversary celebrations,  see our artifact collection,  climb around in the 1941 C-47 and learn what we’re trying to create here in the hangar.  The Coast Guard is flying in sometime around 2-3pm,  so if anyone would like to come explore the Coast Guard helicopter,  that one is still coming.

General Hummel wanted to make sure we extended her condolences to Eric’s family.


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